Design-thinking for social change

Our most developed tool in the Change Makers Toolkit is Mission:Possible. This particular workshop-in-a-box challenges multiple participant groups to take a set of “dealt” resources” and create their team’s project for the most transformative or creative solution to a complex social problem. It calls them to apply principles and practices related to:

* Design thinking.

* Teamwork.

* Idea generation and evaluation.

* Impact measurement.

* Presenting skills.

Mission:Possible has group game-board, cards, instructions — everything needed to run a workshop with 1 to 9 groups with 3 to 6 people per group. And there are enough elements in it to run the game multiple times.

The Mission:Possible tool has been used to date by a range of different kinds of ministries, non-profits, and educational programs:

  • UT Dallas – Entrepreneurship program
  • United Methodists – Path1 (new church starts)
  • United Methodists – Texas
  • Schriener University – Citizenship program
  • CMS Missional Entrepreneurship Course
  • The Grove Co-working space, Dallas
  • Baptist General Association of Virginia – University Student program
  • Leadership Network
  • Several churches across Texas, Louisiana and Florida

Groups will play against each other to come up with the most transformative or creative solution to their given problem. Learning objectives include, design thinking principles, idea generation and impact measurement.

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