Shannon Hopkins, Founder & Creative Director

Shannon Hopkins is an extreme networker and social entrepreneur. She lives in East London but is a Texas native. She was always the top seller in anything growing up (Girl Scout cookies, raffles, cake sales) and had a very successful lemonade stand! Selecting from the Transformational Index phrases, she draws “Inspiration…. positive words and deeds can cast a spell on people. Engage people’s imaginations to consider a different, dignified and positive future.” From her perspective, “I think we undervalue what inspires us and moves us to act….. but once someone is inspired it can really set a whole a host of things in motion.”

Catherine Pearson, Organisational Director

Catherine’s background in Project Management is perfect for the Matryoshka Haus team. She takes big tangles of problems and unpicks their knots. But what really gets her going is seeing the impact of her work. Take, for example, Made in Marylebone – a social enterprise program in the largest women’s hostel in the UK. As a direct result of Catherine’s work on this project, women who had lost hope started to see themselves as productive, worthy human beings. More and more of them have been able to get jobs, too.

Andy Schofield, TI Co-author & Director

Andy likes putting things together. Obsessed by Lego as a child, he’d muddle up all the sets and try to build something new without any instructions. He now does much the same in the fields of sustainable development and social enterprise, although he is less worried about the pieces being the same colour. Andy is married to T and they have a wonderful son called Jacob. When he’s not with the family, Andy splits his time with Cocreate, a specialist consultancy practice which he cofounded, developing the TI and Matryoshka Haus.