The Truth isn’t Sexy


The Truth Isnt Sexy (TTIS) was our innovative campaign designed to address the demand side of human trafficking. 2007 was the 200th anniversary of the abolition of slavery in the UK and it seemed a poignant time to look at the modern day slavery of human trafficking.

Charities and campaigns existed to raise awareness, rehabilitate rescued women but no one was looking at working with users of paid sexual services and challenging them to change their behavior. Initial research showed that once men realized women in gentleman’s clubs and brothels might be there against their will, their conscience was affected and they viewed the industry differently.

The TTIS campaign involved mobilizing groups of volunteers across the UK distributing provocative beer mats (coasters) to pubs in town and city centers. Groups and individuals used the opportunity to talk to the men in the pubs about the issue and capture their thoughts and responses. The TTIS presented its research and findings to the UK government and was able to change the current policy and create new initiatives to address demand, stating, “Girls that are trafficked do not have a choice, but men do.”