Doxolgy was an exhibition of works created by Rob Pepper, specifically to consider the assumptions we make about Jesus. At the time, Rob was considering his own assumptions and conflicts with his understanding of Jesus and modern Christianity.

The work of Doxology comprises of 15 pieces that re-tell the narrative of Christ. Rob visited churches and found images from the life of Jesus and re-drew them. He made one major departure from simply just copying what he saw. He used a technique called conscious reflex drawing. This involves the artist making no eye contact with the paper as he draws. He feels that if he did glance at the paper, he’d bring his past experience and learning to it rather than responding truly to what he sees in the moment. Rob then used gold leaf to emphasize details of significance or reference to traditional icons.

Doxology exhibited in London, Berlin and Houston. The dialogue surrounding the exhibition in all places was illuminating. Visitors from all faiths and no faith engaged with the pieces, contributed comments of their existing and now changed assumptions and prejudices towards Jesus and modern Christianity.